Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Top 10 wishes for summer

These are my top 10 wishes for the summer:

1. He will develope a condition on his noodle that prohibits any contact.

2. I will stop being insane.

3. I will keep going to the gym, and be asked to be the oldest 'Bud Girl', and be in an ad that will make him regret his leaving me.

4. He will contract the exotic and rare "shrinking noodle disease."

5. One of my "get rich quick schemes" will be successful.

6. He will develope 'man-boobs.'

7. His noodle will fall off.

8. Someone at the fancy gym he drove me out of will compliment his noodle in the locker room.

9. My sense of humor will graduate from kindergarden to first grade.

10. I will stop thinking and writing about his noodle.


Anonymous said...
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Madonna X said...

Love your humour and wit, wish you would post more often... May 2005 was quite a while ago.

Hope you haven't given it up.