Monday, February 27, 2006

I am finally going to get back to writing and maintaining this blog. The reason I havn't been writing is due to my chair. I tried to make a cozy writing area for myself. I bought a new rug, chair, and even hung up the painting that I had bought for my ex before he left me. It had been sitting in my closet for over a year. It is a lovely painting, and it is mine now. It is probably the most 'high class' thing that I own, which gives you an idea of who I treated better, him or myself. Anyway, the chair. It is one of those round, nest-style chairs and it is so comfortable, that when ever I sat down, I didn't feel like writing; only like watching TV or maybe reading. I had planned to do some writing this weekend, and was so depressed come Sun. night when all I had to show for the weekend was an empty DVR and a trail of cookie crumbs that had worked their way down my front and lodged themselves in my navel, that I started to feel really bad about myself. Not just because I havn't been able to write, but because my butt got bigger. Just when I was about to roll across the room into the bed, I found a new position in the chair that felt like the perfect writing position. I am hoping that this is a turnung point to get me out of my slump. I am in the position now, and here I am writing. So anyway, about dating. I havn't really bothered to update because it's been so boring. I had two dates, both of whom I compared with my boyfriend and who came up short, even though my boyfriend was an asshole. He did have other attributes. The first date seemed promising; I met the guy at a catering event, we exchanched numbers and then both saved eachothers numbers wrong. He actually tracked me down by calling the catering company! But then, on the date, he was a bizaare composite of annoying personalities. He kept talking about Bush, Russian literature, and 'faggots.' His voice was high and his teeth were shriveled and blackish, I can't believe I didn't notice that before.
The second date was fine; it was with an ER doctor who was short and bald, but not George Costanza short and bald. But he was pretty young for me, 30. We had a good time talking, but I didn't feel much of an attraction. Anyhow, he invited me to a concert and something else. Then I told him I was 36 (he thought I was about 32) and then I never heard from him again. Those are the only dates I've had in the 14 months since the breakup.

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