Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tomorrow I am going to try to start the Perricone 28 day diet so tonight, I am sitting in front of Grey's Anatomy with a fork and an Entemen's cake. I have eaten one third of the cake. Like an alcoholic who sucumbs to the fantasy of a last drink, the reality of my pig out session is disappointing and filled with self-loathing. It is a Valentines cake. So I know I will keep eating in an attempt to get rid of it. Pigging out should be left to those who, like my roomate, can exercise a modicum of self-control. I've already gained 8 pounds this season. But I did, on a high note, have a blind date the other night. For those who are counting, that is date number two since the BREAKUP. Not bad, you know, for a 36 year old. Let's see, that's an average of 1 date every 7 months. At this rate,

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