Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Damn, I wish I'd seen that Oprah. Now, Sheryl Crow seems like a real nice lady. I find it interesting that although she's always been described as 'strong' and independent, she too put her professional life on hold for a year for Francy-Pants and then got dumped to the curb like a crumbled up bottle of Gaterade. I don't know about Lance, but it seems like there are a lot of guys out there who get real nervous when you put them in front of your own career. That's so stupid. I would think a man who's lived through cancer would be appreciative of a woman who wanted to make sacrifices to be with him. And about his wife, I mean, what woman wouldn't relocate to France for a seemingly nice guy who's on his way to becoming an international superstar and who is recovering from cancer? Why is that pathetic? I guess you're just not supposed to give anything up anymore. I mean, you would give up where you live and your job if your kid had the opportunity to go to a better school, right? That would be courageous. But if you do it for a man, you're a sap. Sometimes you want to celebrate other parts of your life aside from your 'work' life, but you know what that means-Uh,Oh- she might expect something BACK, something EMOTIONAL. She let her guard down. She's just not attractive anymore. I guess I'm a litttle bitter.
The hospice vacation continues. We were loaded up into the van yesterday to finally go to the beach. For the first time in years, I barely fit into a one piece bathing suit, thanks to my mom's home cooking. But I was able to narrowly escape the 'maillot with skirt' style suit by pairing my bathing suit with a cotton miniskirt. I have been here for four days so far and I would like to make a list of what I've been fed: BLT's, chips, homemade macaroni and cheese, take out chinese, homemade pizza, German chocolate cake with cherry filling, molasses cookies, pancakes and sausage. On the ride to the beach, my sister and brother and I took turns complaining how 'wrong' the scale was in mom and dad's bathroom. It seems it's a good 5-10 pounds off. We hope. But unlike my younger brother and sister, there is nobody at home to be horrified by my acute weight gain.
And yes, we made a family field trip to Reed's Jewelers, to pick out the setting for the diamond my brother bought for his fiance. When we walked in, they were playing a song by Al Green, OUR old song, me and you-know-who's. I am always uncomfortable in those places because they are like a foreign country I am supposed to have visited. They speak a strange language and use words like carrots. My sister who's 29 knows what they are talking about but I do not. She brought along her three diamond rings to use as examples.But the only time I've seen the inside of a jewelry store was with the ex, who had gifted me diamond studs with embarrassing and cautious reserve. Then we went to the store because we had to exchange the studs because they were so small they were actually falling out through my ear hole. Jewelry stores also remind me of how he kept the earrings and any other piece of jewelry he gave me when he broke up with me. He sent all my stuff back in boxes but kept those and the one of a kind Native American jewelry. This was not because he was angry with me but because he 'didn't want me wearing it with anyone else." Huh?So helping my brother was bittersweet. I mean my God, I remember when I used to babysit with Mrs. BeenThere and we used to watch Love Boat. Now my baby brother is a big man getting married and I'm still waiting to find a man who doesn't expect to go dutch on a vacation.

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